Flack Wackers Brush Stick w/Stick Stuff X-Grip(Only1pairleft)


Flack Wackers are all hand made by Mr. Mike Flack.
Flack Wackers are great for swatting flies, scratching your back, roasting marsh mellows or getting the attention of unruly children! But wait, there’s more! They sound great and look incredible on drums or anything  upon which to make a percussive sound! A phone book or pillow will suffice for a GREAT result in audible pleasures! You won’t need a drum at all!
Using naturally supple, straight twigs found from half way around the world, Mike Flack has devised a unique wand made to the specifications desirable to drummers and percussionists from all corners of the planet! These New World Beat strikers are self adjusting to provide a spectrum of sound.

Coated hand grip with, Extra Grip Clear Stick Stuff over a hand-made detailed handle. 16 1/8″ inches long, Each Wacker Ave. Weight 2.04-2.13 oz., Hand Grip Dia. .718 “

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