What benefits are there in using Stick Stuff?
One of the main uses is to coat your hand grip area of the stick with a thin or thickened rubberized grip.

Does Stick Stuff add a noticeable weight to the drumstick?
The rubberizing does not add any unbalanced weight with one or two coatings. The grip of the stick gets better as you play.

How long does Stick Stuff last on a drumstick?
The Stick Stuff grip will last the life of the drumstick.

Will Sweat from your hands cause Stick Stuff to break down?
No. Stick Stuff is very durable and will stand up to sweat and oils from your hands.

Can you re-apply Stick Stuff over old layers?
You can re-apply over old layers to adjust the thickness of the stick, but Stick Stuff will not wear off.

How many ounces is in a can of Stick Stuff?
Each can of Stick Stuff is 18 ounces.

How many pairs of sticks can you dip with Stick Stuff?
The liquid product will produce approximately 25 to 30 pair of single dipped sticks.

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