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Drumming Up Business/The Doings

8-25-2010 Press Release,

van450-Van Romaine is found beating his drums in the streets of New York. Now working with Enrique Iglesias and Nena, traveling the world using a new water-based drumstick grip called, Stick Stuff. Stick Stuff can be customized for grip-ability on your drumstick of choice.

-A short conversation at a bus stop at LAX lead Van back to Mike Anderson with interest in a liquid product for coating his drumsticks in a grip he can call his own. The Stick Stuff Grip was customized adding two different type grips, one of a thin not so grippy and the extra grip to give him just the right feel.

-Stick Stuff is based out of Chicago Illinois and has been shipped to drummers throughout the world with their interest in customizing any drumstick. Over the past 10 years, Stick Stuff has had rave reviews, creating the best grip they have ever used.

-You can brush, dip or even mix colors on your drumsticks creating a cool marbleizing effect matching your band, drums or school colors. Stick Stuff is sold is 18 oz containers that allows you to dip 25-30 pair of sticks, offering twelve different colors. The Clear and chartreuse glow under black light, along with a Clear and Black Extra Grip. Please review our products at, and be sure to look up Van Romaine at,


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