Stick Stuff Drumsticks

Stick Stuff Drumsticks w/ Stick Stuff Grips. I use many different suppliers throughout the country and will be noted for your review before purchasing. All of my drumsticks will be pitch matched, straight ! and dipped with my Stick Stuff grip coating. Call for special orders or send us a note through e-mail.

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Stick Stuff Drumsticks- 5A Custom Wood Tip-Hickory

Stick Stuff Drumsticks, Hickory, nylon oval tip, Dia. .720 grip area, length, 16 1/8″ .
These drumsticks are custom gripped with thin Stick Stuff over a giraffe pattern design.



Stick Stuff Drumsticks- 5A Nylon Tip/Hickory/Black Thin Grip

Stick Stuff drumstick is dipped in the Black thin grip, oval nylon tip, Hickory, length 16″, dia. .687″ weight, 1.70-1.74 oz. each








Stick Stuff Drumsticks- 5A Wood Tip-Hickory


Stick Stuff Grip Drumsticks are dipped in the thin grip over a Gray Green/Gold tape for a great textured feel. These sticks are Hickory, Length, 16 1/8 “, Dia. .720” Nylon oval tip and weight 1.90 each



Stick Stuff Drumsticks- 5B Wood Tip-Hickory

Stick Stuff Drumsticks are taped with a Yellow rubber tape then dipped in the Extra Grip, Stick Stuff  drumsticks are, Hickory, 15 7/8 long, acorn wood tip, grip handle .820 ” and weight 2.19-2.20 each.


Stick Stuff Drumsticks, 5A Hickory Wood Tip (Acorn)

Stick Stuff Drumsticks-3 Pair, 5A Hickory Natural, Wood Tip Acorn, 15 15/16 long, .560
Thin Clear grip over Green, Red, Gold tape.


XCEL DRUMSTICKS, Custom, Extra Clear Grip, Hickory, 2B, wood tip

Xcel Drumsticks, Hickory, 2B  16 inches long, Acorn Wood tip, .660 Dia. grip