Stick Stuff Drumsticks

Stick Stuff Drumsticks w/ Stick Stuff Grips. I use many different suppliers throughout the country and will be noted for your review before purchasing. All of my drumsticks will be pitch matched, straight ! and dipped with my Stick Stuff grip coating. Call for special orders or send us a note through e-mail.

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Stick Stuff Drumstick-5B Hickory wood tip(Acorn)

Stick Stuff Drumstick- Thin Clear grip dipped over Lepard design, 16.5 inches long, 1.6-1.8 oz each stick, .565 dia. hand grip, Hickory 5B, wood tip Acorn.


Stick Stuff Drumsticks Hickory Wood Tip (Acorn Tip)

Stick Stuff Drumsticks, 2 pair each, 80/20 Mix, Purple,
80 thin grip/20 extra grip, 16 3/8 ” long, 1.6-1.8 oz. each stick, .550 dia. grip, Hickory


Stick Stuff Drumsticks Hickory Wood Tip (Acorn)

Stick Stuff Drumsticks, 80/20 Purple Grip 80thingrip/20extra grip, 3 pair each, 17 ” long, 1.7-1.8 oz. each stick, .581 dia. grip, Hickory


Stick Stuff Drumsticks Maple, Wood Tip (Ball Tip)

Stick Stuff Drumsticks, 2 pair each, Clear grip, (1 pair X-grip 1 pair)
15 7/8 ” long, 1.3-1.5 oz. each stick, .565 dia. Small Ball Tip, Maple


Stick Stuff Drumsticks- 5A Custom Wood Tip-Hickory

Stick Stuff Drumsticks, Hickory, nylon oval tip, Dia. .720 grip area, length, 16 1/8″ .
These drumsticks are custom gripped with thin Stick Stuff over a giraffe pattern design.



Stick Stuff Drumsticks- 5A Nylon Tip/Hickory/Black Thin Grip

Stick Stuff drumstick is dipped in the Black thin grip, oval nylon tip, Hickory, length 16″, dia. .687″ weight, 1.70-1.74 oz. each








Stick Stuff Drumsticks- 5A Wood Tip-Hickory


Stick Stuff Grip Drumsticks are dipped in the thin grip over a Gray Green/Gold tape for a great textured feel. These sticks are Hickory, Length, 16 1/8 “, Dia. .720” Nylon oval tip and weight 1.90 each



Stick Stuff Drumsticks- 5B Wood Tip-Hickory

Stick Stuff Drumsticks are taped with a Yellow rubber tape then dipped in the Extra Grip, Stick Stuff  drumsticks are, Hickory, 15 7/8 long, acorn wood tip, grip handle .820 ” and weight 2.19-2.20 each.


Stick Stuff Drumsticks-Cloth Denim, Dipped in Clear Thin5B Hickory

Stick Stuff Drumsticks- 5B, Denim wrapped coated with Thin Clear Grip, 16 3/16 long, barrel tip, Hickory, .656″Dia @ handle,
2.36 oz-2.40 oz. each stick.


Stick Stuff Drumsticks, 5A Hickory Wood Tip (Acorn)

Stick Stuff Drumsticks-3 Pair, 5A Hickory Natural, Wood Tip Acorn, 15 15/16 long, .560
Thin Clear grip over Green, Red, Gold tape.